EdgePoint is a responsible business, guided by a comprehensive Environmental, Social, and Governance framework.​

We strive to be a diverse and inclusive company. We champion technological advancement and innovation in an environmentally-friendly and ethical manner whilst putting the safety of our employees, vendors, and partners first and foremost.​

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Our Commitment

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We are constantly striving to innovate and implement better policies, processes, and practices that adopt a greener, more ecologically-friendly approach in our operations.

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Telecommunications is the backbone of economic and social growth in today’s world, one that leads to better business, education, employment, and social prosperity. We strive to be a diverse and inclusive company with a firm belief in treating people of all walks of life with equality and respect, both in our workplace and in our communities.​

Operational safety is also a key factor in how we do business and we employ strict standards internally, as well as with the partners and vendors we work with.​

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We are helmed by an experienced Executive team that upholds strong business ethics, integrity, and the commitment to promote the highest standards of corporate governance in our organisation.

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